Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future 2

From flying cars and Hoverboards to wearable tech, Back to Future 2 showed us in 1989 a glimpse of the future.

Now that future day has arrived. Today.

OK, so it’s just a day mentioned in a film. But….if you saw that film when it was released in 1989….2015 was eons away, wasn’t it?! How did we get here so fast?

There’s a lot of articles written already comparing the film to today’s reality. You know, what did they get right. However, perhaps a question that should be asked is,

‘Did this film influence the technology of the future?’.

Just think about that for a second.

The film was aimed at a population of children, who went on to have a big part in creating the future we live in now (they are now likely in their mid to late thirties to mid forties) . On a subliminal level, was the tech future planted in the mind of these children, and they grew up, worked for the technology industry and produced similar, perhaps more useful wearable tech than that dreamed up 25 years ago?

In 1989, there was no mainstream mobile phones or FaceTime, home computers were a rarity, early handheld games machines were available, fax machines were the latest (v. expensive) thing, along with pagers.

Intriguing thought.

Perhaps we’ll never know.

Somethings never change though – denim being one, pizza being another and of course, good old rock ‘n’ roll.

Maybe we should send the Doc back to change the time continuum and find out…