The Christmas Rush

Business was starting to pick up now, items selling daily, however the web site is no nearer completion. The potential is there, I can see it. So how can I make this work…….

A last minute opportunity arises to have a stall at a Christmas Craft Fair in Mumbles. This is too good an opportunity to miss out on. With 5 days to get ready with everything needed to sell, plus the stall to set up, and the 9-5 having a HUGE deadline that week, it was going to be pretty tough. A few late nights both at work and home, meant that we were just about ready on the day of the Fair. A dress rehearsal the night before in my kitchen, mocking up the stall, deciding where and how everything would be displayed, was definitely worth it. It took us about 3 hours to get everything as we wanted it, to have all the displays ready and the packaging.

We left early on the day of the Fair, arriving an hour before the doors opened to the public. We were just ready by the time the the first people came in. It was an interesting experience, we didn’t sell very much, but that was OK, it was a quiet fair, which was unusual for Mumbles. Our costs for the day were covered and it’s very different from selling sat in your home listing items on eBay, as opposed to meeting the customers and actually selling the items to them directly.