Very early on Monday morning saw the dawn of the Supermoon combined with a ‘blood’ Moon. What this means in simple terms, is the Moon is at it’s closest to the Earth (that’s the Supermoon bit), so looks like a larger than normal, bright disc in the sky. Combine this with a Lunar eclipse where the Earth’s shadow passes over the Moon, and the scattered rays of light turn the Moon a crimson colour.

Lunar eclipse Sept 2015

Lunar eclipse by Atomic Knitting

The Luna eclipse was in the most part not too difficult to photograph, although disappointingly the Moon was still high in the sky, and although bright was not as large as I suppose I had expected. As the Lunar eclipse progressed it became more difficult to take a good clear photograph as the light levels dropped considerably. Better knowledge of my camera may have helped me here, but at 4am in the morning it was a little beyond my abilities at that time.


Blood Moon by Atomic Knitting

The blood moon followed the lunar eclipse and if I had managed to stay awake, as the moon dropped towards the Horizon, before dawn, would’ve been the idea time to snap some further shots.